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We specialise in providing the best in contract carpet tiles for office, commercial & industrial environments, as well as lines good for residential areas from leading manufacturers at factory prices. All our stock is first grade, so no seconds, or second hand stock as with some suppliers. We carry a huge range of over 1,000 styles and colours with full manufacturers warranties so you can be sure your flooring will deliver optimum performance for years to come, in even the most demanding of workplaces.

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Commercial Carpet Tiles

The company originally started in 2006 with a main purposes of reducing the impact on the environment. In talks with a leading manufacturer that has large volumes of waste, we found a way to use damaged stock that was not fit as their end product. This stock was previously been sent to landfill, with a great environmental impact. The lines were not perfect. Ok so they were given a classification of scrap, or seconds, but it was great we discovered many people were happy as a cheaper alternative. Examples would include, for garages, lofts, workshops, or for short term tempory flooring solutions, thus the name cheap carpet tiles. The range was manufactured by global manufacturer Interface Flor. They branded them as modular flooring system. Some of their most expensive lines include the Heuga range they manufacture. They come with both bitumen backing and PVC which is like rubber. The bitumen material is hard to recycle, so the best option was to find a way to reuse them, which is where we came in. New advances in technology for the recycling industry eventually let to the better ability of recycling. For us we then changed the way we run and source own stock. our custom base liked our low pricing, and there was always someone that didn’t want seconds, and preferred brand new perfect stock, so with that in mindset, that’s the direction we took things. With overseas contacts we then began to sell large quantities of new perfect stock. We still remained very competitive on pricing by turning over large volumes to the UK market. In 2011 we then added stock from a UK manufacturer of commercial carpet tiles to our product shop, thus giving a larger range of designs colours and styles to choose from. The UK stock comes direct from the manufacturer. We now sell our modular flooring products to the trade as well as the general public.

Discount Carpet Tiles

Choosing the right flooring can be a tedious task. With so many options to consider, such as whether to go for hard flooring or carpeting. You will be sure to find the right deal on our site with the carpet tiles discount deals we always have on offer. Hard flooring can be handy if you are working in an environment which needs to be regularly swept, but many offices and industrial workplaces will choose a supplier like ourselves as their flooring of choice, for several reasons. Whether they are your office or home, they are a very flexible type of flooring 1. They are fitted so easily in any size or shape of room. Where the conventional fitted version has to be accurately measured and cut, the squares are much more flexible when it comes to fitting. 2. They provide a softer surface which lends itself to a warm comftable feeling in your home living areas and on your feet. 3. As well as sound insulation properties which can be useful if you have noisy neighbours, they also form a heat barrier. These insulation properties mean heat is kept in the room longer saving on energy bills. 4. Imagine you’ve damaged or stained a small area, now rather than replacing the whole carpet if it was the old fashioned fitted one, you can just replace the small area, so any damages won’t cost you the earth. Over time certain areas may become more grubby such as the doorway area. You can just lift them up, and take them outside for a good deep clean. This is why, it makes this flooring solution particularly easy on the pocket, especially in an area more prone to any mess, maybe as you have kids, or the high traffic workplace floor area.

Home Flooring

Home is where the heart is. As it’s the biggest asset, and financial decision you’ll ever make it is important to make the right choice on the style and design of your interior. When it comes to residential carpet tiles for domestic living spaces, there are still different factors that will determine your choice. Are you looking for kitchen carpet tiles that will be easy to clean spills, or are they for your bathroom and need to be water resistant, in both these circumstances you will be looking for good quality. On the other hand if you are looking for outdoor carpet tiles rather than indoor, to be in used in an area like your garage, the quality may not be as important. You know you’ll get those oil and grease marks everywhere as you fix your car, what is important is that extra insulation and comfort as you are working on the floor. As an easy choice dark colours are always popular for obvious reasons in these areas more prone to dirt.


So you’ve determined the grade to be used, the next factor main factor will be the colour to be used, especially when it comes the those main interior living spaces. Black carpet tiles may be a good choice in areas like the loft or garage that aren’t important, but when it comes to the living room or bedroom for example you are more likely to want to create a warm comfort feeling. For these areas colour such as, beige, red, brown do the trick. Light blue carpet tiles create a fresh clean feeling in a room. With carpet squares in the home, some fantastic interiors can be created. They are no longer seen as the drab office carpet tile from the past. So be creative and try out random squares of colour for a contemporary look, or different colours in different areas. If you are looking for any advice or ideas just get in contact. We are always happy to help.


As an effective flooring option they are hard wearing in any room, even in rooms of heavy foot traffic, such as your workplace. Being easier to lay than other flooring applications, they require very little DIY skills, and are easily fitted in any size or shape of room. Where the conventional fitted version has to be accurately measured and cut, the squares are much more flexible when it comes to fitting. No longer seen as drab boring squares any more, as the range of colours, designs, and patterns is so great. Pleasing unique designs can also be made when combining various shades of one colour or even using different colours altogether for a striking designs. Checked patterns for example, or random squares for the contemporary look. You may already want areas defined by colour, particularly in big open plan working areas, for example as call centres. They provide a softer surface which lends itself to a warm comftable feeling in your home living areas and on your feet. As well as sound insulation properties which can be useful if you have noisy neighbours, they also form a heat barrier. These insulation properties mean heat is kept in the room longer saving on energy bills. Being so economical is the main reason they are a firm favourite. Your room may be prone to damages and stains from kids or pets. Well if that’s the case it’s easy to just swap a sole tile or 2, rather than a full fitted carpet costing you the earth. It may be a case that the most battered tiles need taking up for a clean, rather than the whole floor. For that reason, choosing carpet tiles can be particularly cost effective in an area vunerable to spills, maybe where there are children, or a work place. Carpet tiles are normally made with a bitumen or PVC backing which is like a tough rubber. This cuts out the need for buying underlay in addition, saving you on unneeded costs again.

Preparing the floor before fitting

So you’ve decided you’re old floor is tired, and in need of a face lift. You have decided on a supplier like ourselves, as the best option for your new office or home floor space. Ok so you have chosen the design or colour you like, now the next step is to begin making preparations to lay your new floor. One big consideration when planning to lay carpet tiles is the surface that you will be laying them over. If you have removed your existing flooring whether it be wooden flooring or old carpet, and you will be laying your new flooring directly onto the floorboards, you will ideally need to lay hardboard sheets over the floorboards first, with the smooth side facing upwards. If you use hardboard however, you shouldn’t use treated timber as the sub floor. Once the hardboard has been laid it will need priming with diluted PVA solution to seal it, as with all other porous surfaces as the surface should to be sealed. This therefore accounts for timber sheets, cement, and screeding.The next step once the floor is in place is to decide whether or not you use an adhesive. We find many people actually prefer not to use adhesive. Not because of cost, but simply because it makes replacement of the tiles an easy task, whether that is just to clean them or for a complete replacement for whatever reason. If you’re not gluing the to the underlying surface, you must make sure they are laid tight against each other, and you will find there to be no movement. On the other hand If you do gown the route of using an adhesive then there is more than just the one option for bonding to the hard floor inderneath. The easiest to use is double sided sticky tape – which doesn’t need explaining. The recommended one would be a product called tackifier which is a low tack adhesive, somewhere in between the strength of blu-tac and PVA glue, which enables easy removal and relaying at a later date if required. Tackifier is available in tubs, but also available in spray cam dispeners for easy usage. The next step you have decided on the tiles, and if the adhesive is applicable to your DIY task, plan the layout of the room, and any pattern or design you may want to create.

Fitting guide

The floor is ready, and you’ve already made your mind up on the colours and design. Now with the tools at hand, it’s time to start the process of laying carpet tiles. Ensure the floor is dirt and dust free to get the best bond, especially if using an adhesive. First lay in the middle of the room working outwards until you nearly get to the walls. Only basic DIY skills are needed at this point, laying one at a time. Also following the manufacturers guidelines. I say nearly to the edge of the room, as this is where you do need a little skill. Now at this stage the majority of the floor should be covered. All round the edge of the room you will have offcuts, which is why we always advise to order spares. As a safe bet often 10% extra should be sufficient. No room is completely square. Now to get the best result round the edges turn it upside down. Using a straight edge, and a sharp knife, recommended a Stanley knife Score deeply on the bitumen exactly where the cut needs to be made. Now it will just split in your hands along the score you have just made. Last cut through the remaining fibres. Repeat the process for each one as you go round the edges of the room. The end result is you will end up with a flush floor finishing with no gaps as you have made sure they are all fit butt against each other. We would recommend sticking them down with an adhesive, especially if you are using industrial carpet tiles, and that floor will take some battering. Tackifier, or spray adhesive is an easy to use option.

About us

We don’t so sales, but we do sell at discount prices on a daily basis. You’ll see on the site the various styles, and colours available. We do a larger range of the most popular colours being; blue, grey, brown, beige, As well as some additional available in; red, green and black. All including a tough 4mm bitumen backing so no need for underlay. We deliver carpet tiles UK wide, at cheap prices. Carriage has been reduced to a flat rate of only £20 regardless of order size, with no minimum order required. There is nobody we can’t supply. Originally designed to be office carpet tiles, but also suitable for schools, home floor spaces wether it be the kitchen or bedroom. basically anywhere there is an internal floor space. If you are from the trade or a flooring company feel free to get in touch as we can also supply yourselves. Please do contact us for any queries, as we are here to help. Call 01274 792229. Alternatively email; sales@cheap-carpet-tiles.co.uk.