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It's important your new carpet tiles are fitted correctly for optimum performance, and to also ensure minimal problems with your flooring in the future. You have 2 options when it comes to fitting:  
1. We can provide you with a full fitting service at competitive rates in addition to the supply of your new carpet tiles. Just contact us with your full requirements and we'll come back with a price within 24hrs.  
2. Or alternatively you can fit them yourself for free. Feel free to use the guide at the bottom of this page to assist you.

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Fitting of Narcissi Brunswick carpet tiles for All Outdoors warehouse:
All Outdoor Narcissi Brunswick

Fitting Guide


Things to note before you start:  

Carpet tiles do not require underlay but the sub floor must be free from any dust and debris to ensure a secure bond. In addition, the sub floor must be flat and smooth. If surfaces are uneven the floor should first be screeded and allowed to fully dry to make a floor surface that you can lay straight on top of. Or alternatively lay wood panelling poards, such as chipboard or plywood. You shouldn't lay directly onto floorboards as they may well move around causing your new flooring to lift up.  
Before you start, the tools you are best using include: A sharp utility knife, a ruler, chalk for drawing lines, and of course the adhesive whether that be a tackifier or spray adhesive.
Firstly the tiles should be unpacked and allowed to climatise to the room temperature for at least 1 day before laying. When you are unpacking them you will notice directional arrows on the reverse side that indicate the direction of the pile. At this stage decide if you are laying the flooring in a broadloom fashion so all the arrows must point the same way, or in a chequerboard fashion so the arrows are at right angles to each other as in the 2 diagrams below.
                    Broadloom                              Chequerboard

You should start by laying from the centre of the room and not the edges. To obtain the centre point of the room measure the distance between both sets of walls facing each other. Join the centre of each wall with a chalk line. This will mark the centre af the room as shown in the image below. Just check this doesn't leave you with a small strip to fill at the edge of the room - if it does then just move your centre point a little.

                              Centre line

If using a tackifier adhesive apply using a brush or roller, then allow to dry for approx 30 minutes to a tacky film. If using a spray adhesive, apply as you go along spraying the floor surface and waiting approx 1 min for the vapours to evaporate. For an even stronger bond spray both the sub floor and the bitumen backing. Commence laying the tiles from the centre point of the room working outwards towards the walls. Press down firmly as you go along to ensure a good firm bond, and that the tiles are fit tightly against each other, but not so tight to cause peaks in the new flooring.


Fitting against the walls

To get a perfect fit against the walls follow these steps:

Step 1. Lift the last uncut tile (marked "A" in the image below) and replace it with the tile that will be cut (tile "B" in the image below)

                              Fit against wall A


Step 2. Position tile "A" firmly against the room wall on top of tile B. Using tile A as a template cut through tile B.

                              Fit against wall B



Step 3. Then finally place tile "A" (the full tile) in its original position, and fit tile you have cut against the wall. Reapeat this step all around the edges of the room.

                              Fit against wall C


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